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Law roundup: Enraged man threatens teller

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 31, 2023 12:00 AM

A man allegedly became enraged when a teller wouldn’t cash a check for him and called the Kalispell Police Department, saying he was a non-member and that he told them, “Good luck trying to get to your vehicles tonight.”

A woman at a weekend event allegedly told security that a tall man dressed in all black said he was going to “pick people off” with an assault rifle. The security worker called the police and reportedly said people were stationed by doors, which were locked. They said they were unsure if the threat was credible and hoped to avoid panicking people.

Someone was reportedly having problems with a person harassing and stalking them and wanted to drop off possessions for the other party to pick up. They told officers they were getting ready to file a temporary restraining order.

A man allegedly took an item valued at $550 and exited through the warehouse.

Officers responded to a report of a man trying to cash a fraudulent check at a bank.

Someone was suspicious of a woman wearing mismatched boots who reportedly started talking to herself, checking vehicle doors, and then got in and out of one. An older woman walked to the vehicle and told the person she was with the woman, claiming she was confused.