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Law roundup: Children taunt woman by calling her a ‘Karen’

| July 24, 2023 12:00 AM

About five to seven children reportedly riding bicycles and hanging out near mailboxes taunted a woman and went to her porch where they called her a “Karen” after she asked them to leave a trailer park where they didn’t live. She told the Kalispell Police Department the kids had blankets with them and one had a lighter. Officers responded and the children went elsewhere to play.

Officers responded to a report from a very angry employee who alleged that a man with “Coke bottle glasses” was mocking them and came up to them holding a hammer where an argument ensued. Another man joined the argument and showed his holstered gun.

Two men and a woman with blue hair were reportedly smoking methamphetamine in a white Ford 350.

On an open line, dispatch heard a young child allegedly “freaking out” they were going to jail and other children yelling at each other about calling 911 and hung up. When dispatchers called the phone number back to check if there was an emergency, the children were still heard arguing but not responding to dispatch. The phone number reportedly had four previous 911 hangups associated with it with officers counseling at least one juvenile about abusing 911. Responding officers counseled the kids and spoke with a parent.

Later on, dispatch received more 911 calls where a kid was heard saying, “Me, me, me,” on one call and on a second call they said it wasn’t a prank followed by silence.

A man and his wife were reportedly receiving death threats and wanted advice from police on what options may be available such as a temporary restraining order.

A group of people were allegedly camping with dogs in a park. Officers made contact with one camp.

Two half-brothers were reportedly feuding over a house being sold with one sibling threatening to beat the other up and on another occasion, screaming at him to get off his property. The brother lodging the complaint was advised the incident was a civil issue.

Someone almost backed over two bicycle tires sitting in their backyard.