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Law roundup: Boys with bats try to instigate fights

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 19, 2023 12:00 AM

A group of about five teen boys walking from the mall were allegedly screaming for people to wake up. A man, who was sleeping at a location with two other people, believed the teens wanted to fight and thought he saw one of the boys holding a bat. When he called 911, the teens reportedly walked past a park where they hopped in a black truck and peeled out of the parking lot and drove by the group, yelling out the window.

A resident allegedly told the Kalispell Police Department he was served an “erroneous” protection order by a neighbor and might have to leave his home because he would be within 50 feet of them. Then he complained about “political persecution over a bumper sticker.”

Dispatch called back a phone number that dialed 911 and a drunk man answered who reportedly said he thought he butt dialed 911, but then complained about his stomach hurting and how he ate too much junk food and needed an ambulance. He then changed his mind and said he had too much to drink, had been given an electrolyte beverage and would walk home.

A man, who was rambling about not talking to family and that he was about to go to jail for hitting someone, alleged a woman and her family were honking and screaming at him in a parking lot and that he “would like to get her in trouble now.”

A woman claimed children in an apartment building parking lot seemed to be frantically looking for another sibling or a parent and asked her to call 911, but she hung up on dispatch when they attempted to ask her other questions. Officers didn’t see or hear anything unusual.

An apartment dweller called 911 to report a noise disturbance in the form of two people allegedly playing video games and screaming at the TV. When they knocked on their door to tell them to quiet down no one answered. Dispatch provided them with the non-emergency phone number to call for future noise complaints.

A man claimed he had permission to park his motor home in a parking lot for the night and an employee told officers he did not have permission and there was no overnight camping.