Saturday, April 01, 2023

Law roundup: Man just out enjoying the sunshine

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 2, 2023 12:00 AM

A man lying on his back in the snow was thought to be unconscious by someone who reached out to the Columbia Falls Police Department. The man was fine, he just wanted to “enjoy the sunshine.”

Two teens carrying a shovel around were allegedly throwing rocks at vehicles and one chipped a window.

A resident called the police with concerns that people were warming up their vehicles and didn’t want a male who knocked on their door asking for a ride to take one because he was upset they wouldn’t give him a ride to work in Evergreen. Officers advised the resident that police did not have enough resources to shuttle people to Evergreen and to call back if they needed further law enforcement assistance.

A parent requested extra patrol in their neighborhood when their daughter’s ex allegedly texted her all day after obtaining a temporary restraining order because he had shown up at their residence in the past.

A woman was reportedly suspicious of a black SUV parked in front of a neighbor’s house and flickered her porch lights “so they knew she was awake,” but it didn’t leave so she contacted the police. The SUV left after dropping someone off.

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