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‘Pickles’ rises to the top

| March 2, 2023 12:00 AM

We received a significant number of responses this week to our call for comic strip suggestions to replace “Dilbert.”

One obviously rose to the top of the jar.

Starting this week, Brian Crane’s comic “Pickles” featuring retired couple Earl and Opal Pickles, will appear in both the daily and Sunday color comic sections. We agree that it will be a dill-lightful addition to the Inter Lake, and appreciate the suggestion.

But we’re not done. Many of you also mentioned “Mutts,” reruns of “Calvin and Hobbes” and “Zits” as potential daily additions, while some of you suggested comic strips we should drop.

We are specifically asking print readers to chime in on this debate by ranking those three comics in order of favorite to least favorite. We also want to hear which strips you would like to see replaced. Let us know by emailing

Thank you for your outpouring of support in the decision to move on from “Dilbert” and for your valued feedback on how we should shape the comics page going forward. We look forward to poring over the next round of suggestions.

— Daily Inter Lake Editorial Board