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Law roundup: Woman heated over gas fireplace issue

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 5, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman allegedly thought a tenant in the process of moving out of a property that had a new gas fireplace installed, was tampering with or adjusting it, causing gas leaks. Columbia Falls Police Department provided her with information about the eviction process.

Police received a report that a man allegedly told a clerk he would return that night to hurt them because he was unhappy with a service. The clerk said they had a photo of the man.

A phone reportedly just sitting on a desk dialed 911. A man answered a callback from dispatch and was very reluctant to provide further information.

A woman in a truck wanted officers to check if the headlights were legal.

A relative reportedly voiced concerns that mom’s new boyfriend was picking up her child from school without a valid driver’s license and wanted to know what their options were in this type of situation.

A woman was instructed to drive to the police department after claiming men in a vehicle and a truck were trying to drive her off the road and had rolled down their windows just enough to yell at her and flip her off. Officers called a man, who, as suspected, told the officer he had no disputes with anyone and had no idea what he was referring to.

Someone reported to the Kalispell Police Department that a distressed cat sitting by a curb and meowing sounded hurt or distressed. It was taken to the shelter.

A woman allegedly insisted a man in an apartment had her purse because he called her daughter using her phone which was in the purse, despite more than one officer having previously handled her concern. An officer followed up with the issue and called the phone number she provided, but no one answered, possibly because the phone was off.