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Law roundup: Coworker whacks man with a chair

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 6, 2023 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report that a man’s intoxicated coworker reportedly grabbed a chair during an argument and struck him with it, hurting their wrist.

A female friend of a woman’s ex allegedly showed up and punched her in the face, breaking her glasses and cutting her eyebrow.

A dogwalker reportedly heard screaming coming from the vicinity of horse stables at the fairgrounds.

A drunk man allegedly called dispatchers to ramble about Iranian people taking over the world and his hotel and then started yelling about God and taking over the world.

Someone thought a woman was casing a van that had been sitting in a parking lot for a week. Officers made contact with the woman, who was sitting in the passenger seat. She said she bought the vehicle recently but hadn't updated the registration. At the time, the vehicle was not reported stolen and officers advised her she needed to get it registered and have proof of it in the vehicle.

Someone staying at a motel reportedly received a message threatening to release family photos either to them or from them and came from an unknown number.

A vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant.

A woman reportedly thought she heard someone jiggling the doorknob.

A citation was issued to a vehicle for parking in a handicapped spot.

Someone wanted a man screaming and yelling at people near a business moved along. They said he had walked through the casino earlier and wandered around the parking lot.

A man returning from yoga was allegedly accosted by his soon-to-be-ex, who had been drinking wine, and started verbally abusing and slapping him so he went downstairs to get away. He told Whitefish Police Department when he went back upstairs to go to bed, she said she was going to go to her “new boyfriend’s house.” He reportedly pushed her and she slipped and fell. She purportedly went after him as he went downstairs, banging stuff along the way and tried to kick down a door and began swinging and kicking at him.

A belligerent man reportedly stood in a parking lot behind a bar demanding a ride home. An officer advised him to call a taxi.

A later call came in, possibly regarding the same man, who allegedly insulted the officer, complained about driving behaviors and demanded they give him a ride home, shouting expletives at the patrol vehicle as it drove away. The man wanted to lodge a complaint about the incident. The man reportedly had a habit of calling the department around a particular time of day to complain about officers.

A property manager called officers about tenant’s behavior when he reportedly told other residents he would use his shotgun if anyone approached him, his apartment, or his vehicle.

Store security reported $137 worth of merchandise was stolen.

A woman allegedly thought she heard a thumping sound coming from her porch and thought it could be stalker who was harassing her. Officers did not see any fresh footprints in the snow.

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