Saturday, April 01, 2023

Law roundup: Woman not a happy camper with alleged break-in

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 7, 2023 12:00 AM

The Columbia Falls Police Department followed up with a woman who claimed someone got inside her camper, hid under her bed and “maced her” although she did not see anyone nearby. Her son was also allegedly exposed to the “mace” and she said there had been an ongoing issue of people spraying her camper with the substance and trying to get inside it.

Four men reportedly pulled up to a vehicle and asked the couple inside for something. When they were told the police were on their way the men allegedly smashed out the windows, maced the couple, dragged the man out, beat him with a baseball bat and stole the vehicle.

Drivers reportedly swerved to avoid hitting a man reportedly stumbling down the middle of the highway. He was picked up by a friend.

A woman sitting in a parked car with her sister reportedly requested extra patrols near her home because they drove past vehicles, the occupants of which were photographing them, and were then followed by a man in a blue sedan.

Officers advised a man waiting for a tow that if he had to leave the vehicle he needed to move it through the intersection and park it on the proper side of the roadway.

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