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Law roundup: Employee spots ballooning bag

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 9, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman’s bag suspiciously got bigger and bigger as she perused the home decor and grocery aisles in a store. Someone alleged that when the woman, whose hair was dyed red, noticed they were watching her, she would remove items. Officers with the Kalispell Police Department issued a citation for shoplifting, advised her of a warrant and released her. She was told never to return.

Two calls came in requesting a welfare check on an older woman in a nightgown reportedly seen walking down the street. Apparently, she locked herself out of her residence.

Someone allegedly dropped their wallet and found out that people had already charged items to a credit or debit card when they closed the account.

Two vehicles reportedly blocked a man’s ability to get out of a parking spot.

A reckless driver followed another vehicle he allegedly cut off and then brake checked.

A tow hitch was reported stolen from the bed of a truck.

Smoke was seen coming from a ravine. It turned out to be a controlled burn.

A business manager complained about a red Dodge truck parking three times a week for eight hours or so at a time.

A male and female were allegedly concealing merchandise and talking to another female in a business’s footwear department.

An electrician subcontracted to do wiring at a house reportedly showed up accompanied by a man claiming to be from the health department. The two allegedly went into a home where they cut a bunch of wires and left a mess. The resident alleged the electrician could not come into the house.

Someone wanted an officer to speak to kids throwing snowballs at cars.

A guest in a room was reportedly heard yelling at a man to get off her and then two men wearing black took off.

Two men allegedly knocked over trash cans while walking along the street.

A window was broken out of a shop.