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Law roundup: Suspicious behavior is actually a man doing a favor

| March 10, 2023 12:00 AM

A man rummaging through a vehicle left parked in an area lot raised the suspicions of an officer with the Kalispell Police Department. The officer watched as the man moved items from that vehicle into another truck before hopping in and driving off. Initiating a traffic stop for suspected theft, the officer learned that the other truck belonged to the man’s coworker. He was grabbing tools needed on a job site.

The victim of an alleged purse snatching told police that the thief was spotted that day with the purse.

A parent contacted authorities after his son took his vehicle overnight without permission. He hadn’t heard from the younger man since and wanted to know what his options were.

Officers found a white dog dragging a leash while walking along the road. The animal appeared scared and rebuffed anyone who tried to approach it. They eventually tracked down the owner, who said the recently adopted canine was not used to riding in vehicles and jumped out.

The owner of a commercial building said someone threw a hammer through one of the structure’s windows overnight.

Dispatchers took several calls where they could hear people laughing and talking in the background about their love of cheese. Return calls went to voicemail.

A thief broke into a vehicle left in a parking lot, making off with a necklace and house keys.

A parent told authorities it appeared as though someone tried to hot wire his son’s truck. The vehicle’s ignition had vanished.

An out-of-towner reported fraud related to a data breach at a local hospital. The caller told authorities a loan had been taken out and now there were payments due.

Officers were summoned for a report of two men coming onto an individual’s property, yelling and threatening them.

Suffering harassment, both in person and over text message, from an ex-friend, a woman approached the police looking for help.

Police headed to an area trail for a report of a man sitting in the middle of the path while enjoying a tipple of vodka. Officers were unsuccessful in finding the man.

Officers warned a motorist against parking in an area marked “no trespassing” after repeated infractions.

A caller reported a “biker and junkie meetup” at an area location, making other people uncomfortable. The caller told authorities there were seven people attending the alleged convention and more arriving as they left. Authorities checked in with the clerk of a local business who reported seeing no one in the area for the prior 30 minutes.

The assistant manager of a local business called with questions about underage people bringing concealed firearms onto the premises.

A motorist returned to their vehicle to find the windshield damaged. A mocking note was left on the truck.

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