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Law roundup: Customer detains combative milk drinker

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 12, 2023 12:00 AM

A customer allegedly detained a combative man who tried to fight employees after he was seen drinking chocolate milk in the store and carrying a propane bottle in aisle 11.

Someone purportedly spotted the Carhartt squad at a bus stop on Meridian and complained to Kalispell Police Department about a lone man yelling at people who joined up with four men wearing the brand-name jackets and face masks at a bus stop on Meridian. One of the men was holding a broom and spinning a bucket in his hands like a helicopter. A woman with a backpack and another man wearing a Carhartt jack joined the group.

Someone allegedly broke out some of the windows on a man’s vehicle and stole two amplifiers, two subwoofers, tools, an air tag, clothes and food.

Officers responded to a report of a man who was angry about a divorce situation and was allegedly holding his daughter against her will and wouldn’t let her leave, taking away her phone and purse.

Employees at a business were reportedly suspicious someone was breaking into the building at night and leaving in the morning when they saw minor paint chipping near the door lock, a baseball cap outside the door, urine on the edge of the toilet seat and an employee heard a door slam one morning. Nothing valuable was reported missing or disturbed.