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Law roundup: Lost man asks police to find his location

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 13, 2023 12:00 AM

A man allegedly called the Kalispell Police Department asking if they knew his location. He sounded intoxicated and said he took some “shrooms” and flushed the rest down the toilet before hanging up. When dispatchers called him back, he kept saying not to worry about it, but he also said people were following him and trying to figure out where he was. He was detained until medical personnel could check him out.

A man reportedly engaged in a sexual act outside a building, while looking into a window of female employees, was caught on security footage staff was looking at in attempts to solve another mystery of a suspicious individual being inside the building on the same night.

A crying woman reportedly called dispatchers, but she didn’t want to speak to the police about being harassed because she had warrants and was adamant she would go to jail if an officer came to talk to her or if she went to the department. She claimed her truck burned in a fire and she only had the shirt on her back and, “Everyone was making it so hard for homeless people,” who “have a heart of gold.” Officers were cautioned that she was known to carry sharp objects, use drugs and be aggressive toward law enforcement. They spoke with her, she was OK and she moved along after being reminded of her warrants.

A woman received a text that stated, “be safe,” and included a photo of a “letter going around” alleging she was selling vapes to kids, was armed and dangerous and her address and phone number were listed in it. She reportedly told officers she sold vapes to kids in the past but not anymore. Officers advised her to call the police any time she felt unsafe and gave her advice on what she could do about the letter.

Someone’s intoxicated wife allegedly hit them and tried to break down their bedroom door before taking off.

A man in a red pickup was reportedly hanging out in a parking lot blasting music and swinging a metal pipe around.

Someone reportedly found a backpack of belongings they believed their teenage brother stole and wanted to speak to officers and see if it was a bag they were looking for.

A woman pulling out of a parking space in a Chevy Suburban was allegedly startled when “all of a sudden” a woman in a black Subaru “flew past her” and began following her, tailgating her and honking at her, so she drove to the police department.

Another call came in around the same time, reportedly from the woman driving the Subaru and she told police she was following the Chevy Suburban that struck her vehicle. Parties were separated.

A woman claimed she and her boyfriend were arguing over a parking spot and while she walked behind the car he ran her over, causing her to fall in a puddle. She turned down medical attention, appeared to be uninjured and her clothes were dry when she went to talk to the police. She allegedly didn’t want to report an altercation but wanted officers to find her car, however, she didn’t provide many leads for officers to go on. She reportedly didn’t know the license plate number, or places he might go and said he didn’t have a phone. Upset, she said she would report the incident as “attempted vehicle manslaughter” to another law enforcement agency.

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