Friday, September 29, 2023

Law roundup: Man fears girlfriend was kidnapped

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 15, 2023 12:00 AM

A man thought his girlfriend was kidnapped after she went to the bathroom at a business and never came out. The boyfriend told the Kalispell Police Department that he got a text from the possible kidnapper and told police that “she sometimes will take a break and wander around." In the time since the alleged kidnapping, he went to a friend’s house.

A man advised officers that his buddy found his van parked at the location where he thought it had been stolen from and did not want to pursue criminal charges, saying he suspected his daughter took it “to make him walk out of spite.”

A very intoxicated man allegedly approached someone at a park and asked him if he wanted anything from the store and headed to a gas station in a Jeep.

A man allegedly beat a woman in a parking lot where a large pitbull was running around. Both parties sounded like they had been drinking and said nothing physical occurred.

A man was reportedly offended by something a person did, so he allegedly decided to cause a disturbance with his pistol, and hit the person in the face, telling them he would kill them if they “showed back up.” The person waited by a grocery store entrance for officers to arrive. Officers detained one man, seized pistols for safekeeping and separated both parties.

Someone was concerned when they allegedly heard knocking on their bedroom door, which led outdoors, when it turned into pounding. The person heard someone swearing, trying to get in and running between two doors. Officers requested medical assistance to check on a man for frostbite.

A mailbox was run over during the night and by the look of tire tracks, it appeared that the vehicle just backed over it and left.

Kids up to some hijinx reportedly threw snowballs at a man’s windows. He feared the snowballs would bust through.

Someone’s phone and purse were allegedly stolen at the library.

Someone wanted a man who reportedly struck another man banned from a property.

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