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Law Roundup: Man puts his feet up in drive-thru

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 16, 2023 12:00 AM

A restaurant employee called the Kalispell Police Department requesting an officer move along a man sleeping in the bushes because his feet were hanging out in the drive-thru.

A man trying to eat lunch had the misfortune of reportedly seeing a tall man urinating on an electrical box.

A man with blood on his hands allegedly walked up to someone who gave him some paper towels to wipe his hands. The man said he punched a wall after seeing his girlfriend with her ex.

A very intoxicated man, who reportedly wasn’t able to walk straight, passed out on the side of a building and sprawled out on the ground. He eventually moved along.

A man allegedly walked around a parking lot and then knocked on an apartment door before walking in. Someone was suspicious that he was scoping the place out because they had never seen him around before. The person also noticed another individual walking a dog around the parking lot. One of the two people he saw had reportedly stopped at “all” the apartment doors.

Two men with black hair were purportedly chased off a location by a manager.

A woman in a Porsche asked for an officer to respond after a Dodge Durango allegedly hit the side mirror on her vehicle and it sounded like he didn’t have insurance and wanted to leave.

A woman concerned she was being followed to her home was told to drive to the police department. The complaint was canceled when she felt safe driving home because it seemed that the car she thought was following her was being taken for a test drive.

A man allegedly threatened to shoot a neighbor’s cat, but later expressed his frustration to the Columbia Falls Police Department that the cat came through his dog door and he had a child in his household who was allergic. He told officers that he put a live trap and any cats he caught would be taken to the shelter.

Bus doors were reportedly left wide open and were closed by an officer. It was unknown why they were left open.

Officers advised four teens hanging out by two vehicles at a park to move along before curfew.

A woman reportedly threw her ex-husband out of location after he badgered her for more than an hour, yelling at her and calling her names.