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Letters to the editor March 16

| March 16, 2023 12:00 AM

Applauds Sprunger and Brockman

An open letter to Rep. Courtenay Sprunger and Rep. Tony Brockman:

In a recent letter obsessing about Republican power, Flathead Republicans have been asked to encourage you “to stand with the ideals (you) ran on” in order to strengthen the “power of the Supermajority.”

I do encourage you to stay focused on the ideals you campaigned on, which are these: job creation, schools, workforce solutions and community infrastructure (Rep. Sprunger); community safety, jobs and strengthening infrastructure (Rep. Brockman).

As freshmen representatives, your hard work in Helena has already gone a long way toward fulfilling these campaign commitments and pledges. Your districts should be very proud of you both.

I applaud you for your leadership on important legislation; for not being distracted or discouraged from your task by Helena’s sideshow of political power plays; for putting constituent interests ahead of party interests; for working toward cooperative and beneficial solutions instead of the consolidation of partisan power.

Curiously, the letter also accuses you “of being ‘fair’ to (your) minority colleagues.” Is that a bad thing? Every Montanan is represented in Helena. Treating your colleagues with fairness means you are treating all Montanans with fairness. This is exactly what should be done, always, by those in both the majority and the minority.

In the session’s second half, please keep up the good work by remaining as conscientiously committed to your ideals as you have been in the first half. Thank you for your service.

— Sue Rolfing, Columbia Falls

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