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Law roundup: Mysterious cry raises concern

| March 17, 2023 12:00 AM

A possible cry from helping emanating from nearby stables prompted a woman to call the Kalispell Police Department. The woman told officers she thought the noise could have been a kid calling for “mom.” She said she heard it as she opened the back door and did not know how long it had been going on.

The owner of a missing wallet told authorities an identity thief had used his information to either access his credit cards or his Social Security payments.

One of two people sharing a room reported that the other’s abusive ex-partner had shown up and was barricading themselves in the shared space. Although he was screaming, he did not appear to have any weapons. The man fled before officers arrived.

A caller reported finding graffiti on a building. While they did not have surveillance footage of that side of the structure, they did offer investigators video of people approaching that area of the building.

Someone reported seeing a man hitting a dog. Both the man and the animal were in a vehicle at the time. They took down the vehicle’s license plate and provided it to the police.

Dispatchers received a call from a phantom line. All dispatchers could hear was the sound of static. An officer let them know that the building associated with the phone line was previously demolished.

A caller asked for extra patrols in their neighborhood after spotting several speeders.

A resident called police looking for help after accidentally locking themselves out of their apartment. They were staying with a neighbor, but needed their medication.

Store employees asked for police help in removing a woman who was apparently on drugs. The workers told authorities that the woman appeared agitated and was kicking a rock. They think she arrived at the business on foot.

A resident reported one of the neighbors’ dogs was out again. The animal, described as “not really friendly,” jumped the fence. It was an ongoing issue, they said.

Another resident spotted a barking dog inside a truck parked on the street. They told officers they did not recognize the vehicle, which had been there for more than an hour. The vehicle left shortly thereafter.

Employees asked officers to move along an individual they spotted sleeping in a vehicle parked in the rear parking lot. They estimated the silver Dodge had been there about three days. The occupants left at the behest of arriving officers.

A pedestrian reported hearing a loud scream while on their walk, describing it as a cry straight out of a horror movie.

A caller asked to speak with officers about a burnt out motorhome left in an area parking lot. They wanted to know what, if anything, could be done about it. Officers answered their questions.