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Law roundup: Arguing former roommates level accusations

| March 19, 2023 12:00 AM

A pair of former roommates accused each other of committing crimes and asked the Kalispell Police Department to sort it out. Authorities waded into the matter after the departing roommate tried to return to the home to pick up clothes. The other woman called police, asking for her to be banned from returning to the property and accusing her of stealing money. When officers met with the alleged roommmate-cum-thief, she told them that she worked for the other woman in exchange for methamphetamine. She suggested the Northwest Drug Task Force investigate the matter. Officers ended up counseling both on how to secure restraining orders.

Officers were asked to ban a woman and her dog from a local bank after she was found sleeping in the vestibule.

A school bus apparently clipped a truck while making a turn, damaging the other vehicle’s mirror.

Officers issued a citation for blocking an alleyway after employees of a business reported struggling with navigating their vans past a red Chevrolet pickup.

A homeowner asked for an immediate police response to a large yellow lab getting aggressive with people and other dogs.

A woman reported getting threatening text messages from an unknown phone number. The latest message, she said, instructed her to “say goodbye to your son.”

Worried about the status of pending charges, a woman called the police to find out if they planned to arrest her.

Boxed in by parked cars, a motorist contacted authorities in the hopes they could educate the other drivers.

Officers stopped a group of people on foot near a supermarket and moved them along.

An employee asked police to check out a purse he found near the dumpster. He said he held off on going through it himself for fear of being stuck with a used needle. Officers searched the bag, finding used clothing, a Blockbuster card and broken cell phones as well as a used needle, but no identifying information for the owner. They suspected the trashed purse was just that — trash.

Officers attempted to track down a man on a bicycle possibly armed with a knife.

Security for a commercial property contacted police after receiving a report of a possible drug deal taking place in a tan Chevrolet camper on the property. Arriving officers observed nothing suspicious.