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Law roundup: Tough cookie threatens to beat employee

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 20, 2023 12:00 AM

Columbia Falls Police Department received a report about a customer in a black SUV reportedly yelling at staff about cookies and threatening to pull an employee through the window and beat him up.

A man and woman were allegedly heard screaming in an apartment above someone who told officers they thought it was physical when they heard loud thuds and a scream.

A woman thought someone was tampering with her vehicle although there reportedly was no evidence of it. She claimed items were removed from the trunk and put back a day later, buttons missing from the stereo and there was a foul smell coming from the vents.

Someone told Kalispell Police Department they had video footage of a woman allegedly using a child and stroller to conceal and steal merchandise and said she left behind tags from the items and a credit card.

A customer was reportedly getting batteries at a service counter when a man pushed their cart around and the employee behind the counter said he needed “anger management,” but the incident didn’t end there. The man allegedly confronted them in the parking lot and began shoving them saying he was "carrying." When two other men went to intervene he said, “I’ll be looking for you,” and left in a champagne-colored Avalanche.

Officers responded to a woman’s report that she reportedly saw a handgun lying on the ground while taking her dog outside. Officers collected a pellet gun for destruction.

A man wearing a black coat and blue jeans allegedly urinated on the side of a building.

Officers issued a citation to a man for trespassing and reminded him he was permanently banned from the location after reportedly assaulting another patron in a past incident.

An individual in a blue sedan allegedly used a needle to inject what someone thought was drugs.

Officers poured water over what was left of a small smoldering campfire.

Someone allegedly saw “bullet holes” in their front window and thought they were from a BB gun.

Someone was reportedly living in a downstairs fire escape area by businesses and the person had a lot of stuff down there.

Officers told a man and a woman with a dog they were trespassing at a location when someone reported seeing him hanging out in a stairwell with his possessions.

A man driving around the courthouse allegedly slammed on the brakes when a surveyor stepped out in front of him and their arm hit his truck. The surveyor reportedly said they were fine to keep moving, however, the shaken-up driver called the police to make sure he didn’t need to make a report. His questions were answered.

An intoxicated man reportedly left an establishment n a silver Dodge pickup.