Saturday, June 03, 2023

Law roundup: Man wants a break, steals candy bars

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 21, 2023 12:00 AM

An employee allegedly saw a man put three Kit Kat bars in his pockets and walk out without paying. A Kalispell Police Department officer issued a citation and released the man.

Meanwhile, a man in another store reportedly opened a bag of chips and dip and began chowing down. An employee was not comfortable confronting the man alone. Officers moved the man along and told him he couldn’t return.

Officers allegedly detained a shoplifter who also had a gun that showed up as stolen in their system. He was cited two times for theft and released.

Someone reportedly saw a man get out of his truck, walk up to another man and punch him in the face. Medical help was called for a possible broken shoulder. Officers talked to both men who had differing stories about what went down. The incident started when one of the men allegedly cut the other off. Neither party wanted to press charges.

A business reportedly needed help removing a drunk man in the bathroom and off the premises.

A man reportedly went into a business and harassed an employee he thought was involved with his wife in a romantic way and began grilling his coworkers. Officers advised him to talk with a manager about the issue and gave him a case file number for his records.

A man was allegedly screaming at people, “acting up” and going in and out of an abandoned shed

A woman’s phone was allegedly stolen at the library. She told an officer the person who took it left the charger in the wall. She reportedly couldn’t provide the make, model or description of the phone to an officer who thought she appeared high. The officer told her to return when she had more information.

Traffic reportedly drove around a man in a motorized wheelchair who was sitting on the shoulder of a road holding a sign.

Someone wanted officers to check on a man involved in a fight when he was found lying on the floor with a busted lip and went unconscious for a minute and began throwing up. The other man involved in the fight fled the scene. The man declined medical attention and didn’t want to pursue charges at the time. Staff told officers they would check security camera footage.

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