Monday, June 05, 2023

Law roundup: Fresh paint job vandalized with razor blade

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 22, 2023 12:00 AM

An employee reportedly found the handiwork of some scallywag, who took a razor blade to a freshly painted truck, and called the Kalispell Police Department.

Someone saw a driver asleep at a stoplight.

Fifteen to 20 vehicles and a group of teens and young adults were reportedly loitering, littering and causing a disturbance in a parking lot where a wannabe Evel Knievel on a motorcycle was jumping over a snowbank. A manager wanted them kicked off the property.

The owner of a property development was allegedly notified that a pickup got stuck in the snowy, muddy field at the site. The owner told officers it appeared someone tried to use construction materials to get the pickup unstuck and there were 2-by-4s jammed underneath it. They were given a case number to get it towed.

A green sedan was suspiciously circling a parking lot and a manager alleged the vehicle had shown up a couple of times previously. In those instances, threatening notes were found left on employees’ cars.

Bad blood between sisters reportedly turned into one putting the other’s mail on hold and then picking it all up a couple of weeks ago. The sister whose mail was stolen filed a complaint with the post office, but she had questions on what to do and about obtaining a temporary restraining order.

Six to seven teens reportedly played “ding-dong-ditch” to the dismay of the homeowner association president who voiced concerns that the youths were putting themselves in danger by going into people’s yards and banging on their doors.

Three men and two women were allegedly found repeatedly trespassing at a business and asking customers for money.

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