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Law roundup: Spooky sounds heard on open line

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 23, 2023 12:00 AM

Dispatchers were reportedly getting ghost 911 calls from an old gas station building that no longer exists and heard loud humming sounds and static on the open line.

A man carrying a blue bag and a stick was allegedly on an overpass throwing rocks down the hill, which someone deemed suspicious enough to circle back and watch him. They asked the Kalispell Police Department to check it out. Officers located the man, who was playing with garbage.

A blonde woman wearing all black reportedly stole groceries and drove off.

A worried man allegedly called police to report bald, knotted-up tires on someone’s vehicle because he was concerned the tires would blow out, causing an accident. He tried to talk to the driver about the danger they posed, but they refused to speak with him.

A man watching his home through security cameras wanted the driver of a gray truck parked in front of his house ticketed for purportedly being on his property and on the wrong side of the road. Police received a later call from the disgruntled homeowner wanting to know if the truck’s owner was given a citation, complaining that the neighbors threw parties every weekend, that he “hates them” and can only have them cited for parking violations.

A caller allegedly thought a woman driving up and down the street was allegedly smoking pot and thought they also saw a wine bottle in the vehicle.

Someone reportedly called 911 while showing their grandma how to call it using Siri, a smartphone voice assistant, but didn’t intend for the call to go through and hung up. Dispatch called back to ensure there wasn’t an emergency.

A skinny young man allegedly stole two 18-packs of hard iced tea.

Two teenagers were acting a little too “flakey” for an employee’s taste who voiced concerns to police that they were “up to something” and wanted them removed. The young man and woman left.