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Law roundup: Individuals find out where the beef is

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 26, 2023 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report that two girls who have a beef with another girl allegedly showed up at her location, punched her and threw her into a wall. The pair of ruffians left in two vehicles containing about six boys and another girl.

Someone reportedly saw a man standing in the middle of traffic throwing money in the street. They thought it looked like $1,000. A passerby took photos of the man and it appeared that a person was giving the man money and he accidentally dropped it.

Officers responded to the scene where a man was allegedly screaming profanities at a tree and yanking off branches, which he used to hit it with. Officers were able to calm him down and he moved along.

A man, who looked to be in his 80s, reportedly became so enraged over a parking space by a pavilion that he blocked a woman’s vehicle in, and tried to spray her with something. He kept walking back and forth between the vehicles and threatened to kill her. Officers counseled both parties.

A fire alarm going off in a tenant’s apartment allegedly set off a building manager who argued with the resident and brought his fists up to his face.

A resident complained about a vehicle parking in the neighborhood and someone was dumping litter around it.

A woman reportedly found a man sleeping on her front steps and wanted him moved along.

A man wearing a backpack was allegedly stumbling around in the middle of a street.