Monday, June 05, 2023

Law roundup: Banned shoplifter wants pants back

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 27, 2023 12:00 AM

A man allegedly caught shoplifting was banned from a store but left a pair of pants behind that he later tried to retrieve. Someone from the store called the Kalispell Police Department to figure out how to facilitate the return of the pants without the man being on the property. They advised him to have a friend pick up the pants for him.

Two teens were allegedly seen dragging a department of transportation sign down U.S. 93, south of the hospital. Officers were unable to locate the sign bandits.

A later call came in about a male carrying a street sign on his back and walking toward the mall.

Someone claimed a coach’s husband threatened to “kick his a--,” over an incident they had with the coach. The man told the officer his wife reportedly informed him that the person grabbed her arm and yelled at her during a game weeks ago and wanted to “inform him” that the behavior was not going to be allowed. Both parties were counseled and advised that the information would be forwarded to a school resource officer.

Words were allegedly exchanged after a resident asked two girls to move their vehicle or it would be towed. A neighbor intervened and got in between the group. The resident went to her own vehicle thinking the arguement was over, one of the girls sneaked up behind her and threw a drink at her. The pair sped off with a baby in the backseat.

A woman at a gas station reportedly called a male a derogatory name and he told her to stop revving her engine. She reportedly held a knife to his friend’s throat and tried to stab him, poking a hole in his hoodie.

The owner of stolen bikes and a kid trailer allegedly followed a man seen riding one of the bikes to a white camper in a parking lot. Officers told a couple that the bikes on their RV were reported stolen and the owner wanted them back and didn’t intend to file charges. The man said the bikes were given to them by someone but wouldn’t say who. The couple said the officer could take the bicycles in question and return them to the rightful owner.

Someone allegedly let a woman with a couple of warrants stay at their house and resorted to sleeping in the garage when she became irate one night and was banging things around. When they decided to go inside she woke up and started throwing things around again, so they called the police.

Someone reportedly spotted a friend’s stolen vehicle parked at a house.

A man underneath a blue blanket in a pavilion allegedly overstayed a two-hour limit at a park and an employee claimed he may have taken a sign off a pole. The man was gone when officers drove through the area.

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