Monday, June 05, 2023

Law roundup: Fore! Golfers take aim at horse pasture

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 28, 2023 12:00 AM

A Kalispell resident’s neighbors were reportedly hitting golf balls into their horse pasture. They called the Flathead County Sheriff's Office out of concern the neighbors were aiming at the horses.

A Columbia Falls tenant felt she was being harassed on purpose as a tactic to try and drive her out of the rental.

Someone was concerned about a transient allegedly living in a shed on an abandoned Kalispell area property and lighting fires inside. They also noticed a lot of garbage.

The Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of people in three vehicles allegedly flipping off someone. The recipient of the bird asked the strangers for the reason behind the obscene gesturing. In response, one proceeded to swing at the individual, hitting their hand when they went to block the blow.

An officer was flagged down by a man who stopped three boys. One of them had reportedly set a long nail, sharp end up, in the roadway. The boy denied trying to pop anyone’s tires. The nail was seized and the boy was told to go home.

A man and woman allegedly went into a business and were gathering items. The man went into the bathroom with a charger, two pieces of cake and a bunch of belongings, which made employees suspicious the couple was shoplifting. The couple was able to pay for candy and the store did not want to pursue any charges.

A man, who sounded inebriated, allegedly called officers and said he was shot with a paintball gun and lost his wallet around town. Then the call dropped. When dispatch got back in touch with him, he was reportedly trying to avoid getting shot by a pellet gun and said he only wanted to report his wallet was stolen but noted that a homeless man kicked him in the head.

A passerby called to report ongoing issues with a red Toyota pickup allegedly speeding in a parking lot where other trucks and cars were “up to no good.” All parties were counseled.

Someone reportedly warned park-goers with small children and dogs that a black bear was wandering around.

A later call came in about a black bear sighting at the top of the hill by the park entrance.

A man reportedly trying to open vehicles in the back of a location was run off by someone who requested officers do extra patrol in the area.

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