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Constitutional amendments will protect the Montana way

by Terry Falk
| March 30, 2023 12:00 AM

This week, the Montana House was focused on passing House Bill 2, the budget bill, and it passed a preliminary House vote on a party line following a day-long floor session.

House Republicans voted against 14 amendments and $178 million in new spending that was proposed by Democrats. The budget holds back surplus funds as well as funds critical services of Montana.

We have all felt the impact of Bidenflation (excessive federal borrowing and spending) and House Republicans did excellent work on this budget to keep it fiscally appropriate. HB2 continues to address the critical future state-funded needs and services that the people of Montana expect.

With the Republican supermajority in Helena, we have the opportunity to improve the Constitution of the state of Montana this session just as our federal Constitution has been improved over the years. There are several constitutional amendments that are being introduced by Republican lawmakers that protect the Montana way of life.

The future of our rights as Montanans depends on the work we can accomplish this session. That is why I am supporting multiple amendments such as mandating legislative approval of the state legislative redistricting plan. Additionally, an amendment has been introduced that seeks to revise the current method of selecting Montana Supreme Court Justices. Another amendment aims to prohibit the use of public funds concerning abortions commonly called the Hyde Amendment, with the exception of life-threatening situations.

Furthermore, there have been hundreds of House bills sent to the Senate. For example, I have introduced HB 422 which revises child-to-staff ratios to bring much needed relief to workers needing child care options. Another bill that has been introduced this session authorizes the establishment of charter schools in Montana House Bill 562. This will drastically provide academic excellence opportunities, as well as promote school choice in Montana.

As always, I am honored to represent House District 8, and look forward to passing more conservative legislation.

Rep. Terry Falk, R-Kalispell.