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Letters to the editor May 1

| May 1, 2023 12:00 AM

Traffic commission

Attending the traffic commission meeting in Helena April 20, I learned District 1 does not have representation — that’s us in Flathead County. District 1 consists of nine counties that haven’t been represented since Tammi Fisher’s term expired in January.

Governor Gianforte is the person responsible to appoint another traffic commissioner and hasn’t for four months. We are currently the fastest growing county in Montana with no traffic representation?

Chairman of the traffic commission, Loran

Fraizer, commented on the vacancy saying, “We have to get representation in District 1. It’s not fair to the rest of the commissioners to make decisions on a district we’re not totally familiar with or that we have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Please get involved. Call, email or write to Gianforte insisting he appoint a representative for District 1.

— Vickie Cariveau, Lakeside

A right to be heard

This is an open letter to Montana House Speaker Matt Regier.

As a resident of House District 4, I am appalled at the recent happenings in the state Capitol building, but not in the same way you are. Rep. Zephyr was freely expressing her opinion, and because it is an opinion you don’t like, you have prevented it from being heard. Not only have you silenced her, but you have silenced the Montanans she represents. You are actively attacking our state’s democracy by continuing to refuse to recognize Rep. Zephyr, and democracy is more important than decorum.

I invite you to put yourself in her shoes. If the tables were turned and Democrats were passing opposite legislation that challenged your worldview, would you not want your voice to be heard? If you were silenced because of “decorum” and had an apology demanded of you, would you not be angry? If legislation was poised to ban an integral part of your life, would you not want to fight back?

Remember that the people affected by the legislation in question are exactly that: people. Though there are differences, they are still people like you and me. They are still Montanans like you and me. They have a right to be represented, and they have a right to be heard.

— Luca Welle, Kalispell

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