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Law roundup: Driver’s recklessness ‘homicidal’

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 2, 2023 12:00 AM

An Escalade allegedly “trying to make bad passes” cut off a vehicle whose driver described the person’s recklessness as “homicidal” to the Whitefish Police Department.

A man allegedly shot at a woman.

A woman driving a white Subaru with gold trim was reportedly speeding, tailgating and following a man and then boxed his vehicle in so he couldn’t turn around. She got out of her vehicle and started slapping and pounding his back window. He told the Whitefish Police Department he was scared for his and his 13-year-old son’s safety. She reportedly had three children in her car.

A woman claimed a man, who seemed high, threw a dog out the window of the work van he was driving and yelled at her when he stopped to retrieve it. He said the dog was in his lap and jumped out the open window. The dog was not injured.

A distraught 19-year-old from Canada called the police at a gas station, reportedly telling officers she had been forced to visit her mother’s cousin who invited her to visit Missoula. She said she begged to go back home but was told to shut up and a blanket was put up to block the back seat from the front seat of the car and she didn’t know where she was. Family members agreed to ride home together.

A parked truck and trailer were blocking a fire hydrant.

A woman complained about “flaggers” not doing a good job and asked for a police presence, but being unfamiliar with the area, wasn’t able to specify street names, got frustrated and hung up. Dispatch was uncertain what the woman meant by asking for a “police presence.”

A man with an alleged history of DUI, was back at it, speeding and passing dangerously. Officers took him to have his blood drawn.