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Law roundup: Restaurateur suspects people are patronizing more than the food

| May 3, 2023 12:00 AM

A restaurateur concerned that people were getting cooked in the eatery’s basement shared their fears with the Kalispell Police Department. They told investigators they suspected ongoing drug use in the building. Not wanting to disrupt patrons, they asked to meet with officers away from the restaurant.

Authorities left a calling card at the home of a dog that had barked for three hours straight.

Officers responded to a report of a fight between two homeless people. Callers told dispatchers that a man was striking a woman with miscellaneous items and had kicked her in the ribs when she bent over from one such hit. One of the callers said they suspected the pair of being failed burglaries. Arriving officers determined the report fight was an argument. They advised the woman of several outstanding warrants.

Authorities investigated a report of a semi-trailer blocking the entry and exit of an apartment complex. Upon arrival, they determined that the truck was on private property and not blocking the complex’s egress.

A “nice lady” waved down passing officers to let them know someone threw an egg at her window.

Out on a shopping trip, a family allegedly spotted a man sipping an alcohol-spiked tea inside a black Jeep that also contained a child. The father of the family told officers that when he turned to look more closely at the Jeep, which had temporary Montana plates, it had disappeared.

Walking her dog, a woman reportedly came across a pair of aggressive pitbull-like dogs, who charged at her. She told officers she had to pick up her dog and hold it above her head. A man later came out and fetched the aggressive animals. She asked that officers resolve the situation.

Officers responded to several alarms going off in an area property. The culprit: Burned food in the microwave.

A woman phoned police after her ex-partner came onto her property and took her firepit. She told authorities he lacked permission to enter onto her property. Officers answered her questions.

A resident asked officers to intervene with a neighbor who owned a German shepherd that lunged at her dogs through the fence. The resident later told authorities that the shepherd bit one of her dogs. Animal control officers were asked to follow up on the incident.

Dispatchers received several calls reporting a man alternately throwing cans into the street, walking in the roadway with beer, running in front of traffic and flashing passing vehicles.

Scammers bilked a pair of residents out of $1,000 worth of gift cards after impersonating law enforcement and threatening them with arrest. The couple told investigators they were informed via phone that they had missed jury duty and a bench warrant was being issued. At the phony officers’ direction, they bought five gift cards worth $200 each.

Officers tried to track down a red Kia seen allegedly backing into a porch before driving off.