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Law roundup: Trashy neighbor’s mess includes drugs

| May 5, 2023 12:00 AM

Sick and tired of finding a neighbor’s garbage, not to mention drugs, all over the place, a resident walked into the lobby of the Columbia Falls Police Department and asked to speak with an officer about the mess.

A caller told authorities they saw a drunk man hop into a green Subaru station wagon festooned with Bernie Sanders stickers and drive off.

Someone asked to have a trespass order lifted.

An individual phoned police after their roommate and their roommate’s brother began fighting in the house. The ruckus left the front door window damaged. The caller told police that their roommate’s brother had since left.

Police were called upon to proffer advice in an ongoing marital dispute after the husband walked into the police department seeking suggestions. He told officers he left the house to avoid seeing the situation escalate. Authorities urged him to either continue giving her space when the two quarreled or, if need be, phone dispatchers.

A woman flagged officers down to report a disturbance between a motorist and the operator of an area car wash. Police learned the motorist’s vehicle had suffered damage in some fashion and the disturbance occurred over the telephone. Officers advised the woman that this was a civil, rather than criminal, matter.

Officers intervened in an argument between a man and his septuagenarian mother. The son opted to gather his things and remove himself from the home, telling officers “she is just hounding” him.

A pair of neighbors asked for extra patrols after they spotted several kids opening car doors and running off. One of them told officers that the kids never entered the vehicles. A search of the neighborhood turned up no suspects.

Officers updated “a couple of kids” on the hours of a public park.

Authorities attempted to track down a seemingly intoxicated man who wandered into a store and spoke with employees there before taking off on a three-wheeled motorcycle. The workers told officers that the man discussed drinking tequila and told them he was “completely out of it.”

Officers responded to a possible overdose and administered Narcan. The victim regained consciousness afterward, but declined further medical treatment.