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New Libby Police chief sworn in

Daily Inter Lake | May 6, 2023 12:00 AM

It’s official: Cody Ercanbrack is the new Libby chief of police.

Ercanbrack was sworn in by Mayor Peggy Williams during a ceremony at City Hall on May 3. His wife Nikki pinned on his badge after he was sworn in.

“Chief, madam mayor, Council and Libby, it's an honor to be here. I'm super excited for my first official day,” Ercanbrack said.

Ercanbrack started work several days earlier on Monday, May 1. That evening, he attended a Libby City Council meeting and thanked Sgt. Ron Buckner, the sole remaining officer in the department after the mass exodus of personnel in recent months.

Ercanbrack said that Buckner performed admirably during the difficult stretch.

“I just hope everyone can recognize how hard he's been working and the diligence he's put forth,” Ercanbrack said. “I can’t wait to work with him hand in hand.”

Wednesday’s ceremony saw people traveling all the way from Idaho to attend, according to City Administrator Sam Sikes.

Ercanbrack joined the Idaho State Police in 2015 where he has held titles of trooper, corporal and specialist. Troopers from Montana and Idaho attended as well as officials with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, including Sheriff Darren Short, Sikes said.

“[Ercanbrack]’s already going over applications, so he’ll take over there and we’ll see if we can get some ranks filled here,” Sikes said.

All-in-all those in attendance wished the new chief congratulations, Sikes said. “We're excited around here, he's got what I think is an excellent mentality."