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Law roundup: Mischievous group of kids evade police

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 8, 2023 12:00 AM

A gaggle of mischievous kids was allegedly smashing carts together and acting up in a store where an employee asked Kalispell Police Department officers to move them along. Officers were unable to locate scamps up to mischief.

A man outside a house was reportedly “sucking on an aerosol bottle,” and wandering toward a neighboring yard until the police arrived, and then he tried to flee. Officers located the wanderer and gave him a free ride to jail for an alleged probation violation.

A woman purportedly voiced complaints against her family, Congress, and Montana and said she was due $2.3 million. She added that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were also involved.

Two brothers allegedly got into a physical altercation when one of them spit in the other’s face and the other shoved him back and the other threatened to crush his throat in retaliation.

A man was reportedly using a wire on a vehicle window to try and get in.

An adult was reportedly buying alcohol for minors.

A resident allegedly chased a skinny man out of his yard and told the police he was looking into windows and through the neighbor’s fence while pretending to be intoxicated.

A woman reportedly had a dispute with her husband, with whom she was in the middle of divorcing, and he began running back and forth in front of her SUV, yelling and throwing himself at the vehicle. Officers spoke with both parties who said the incident was verbal only. They were each advised of their right to apply for an order of protection and were told to be civil with one another during the divorce process.

Two girls shoplifted from a location. One of the girls took off while the other complied with the police. She was issued a citation and released.

Two boys allegedly got into an altercation in a store parking lot but left the scene. A large group of vehicles were moved along.

Someone reportedly called the police complaining about a person sleeping under the pavilion in Depot Park. The caller said they understood that the act of sleeping was not a violation, however, they believed the group was there for too long. Officers counseled individuals about park rules.

A man wearing a cowboy hat and a woman were allegedly parked in front of a building drinking beer and a manager told police he understood they were trying to fix their vehicle but “needed to take it somewhere else.”

Officers received multiple complaints about transient camps around town.