Saturday, May 27, 2023

Law roundup: Woman lurks in the shadows of playhouse

| May 11, 2023 12:00 AM

A strange woman with pink shoelaces was reportedly spotted by a daycare employee sitting in the shadows in the playhouse. Kalispell Police Department officers kicked her off the property.

A strange man wearing a baseball cap and black hoodie with white text on it was allegedly following female customers and employees at a business and then took a break from all the action and sat down in the lobby. An employee told officers a customer told them he was hanging out in the bushes for quite a while before going inside the business. Officers moved him along.

A man allegedly sitting at a table outdoors told a manager he was hit with a large rock in the face before passing out. An ambulance was called but canceled when the man declined medical attention for the injury which was from four days ago.

A woman allegedly called the police wanting to report “theft of services,” when a client refused to pay the remaining balance of work done to her hair after disagreeing with the cost. She was advised this was a civil issue.

A man was reportedly locked out of his business where all his equipment was located when the building owner, whom he claimed was dangerous, locked up the building. He said he was not on site and was “afraid to go down there.”

Two people were allegedly doing drugs in a white Subaru with a Florida license plate.

A woman reportedly went to the police lobby to tell officers she woke up to find a flat tire on her vehicle and that the previous night her husband had heard a car door slam during the night and looked out the window where saw a truck across the street. She said she wanted to provide the information in case there were other similar incidents as she saw other neighbors airing up their tires.

A man said people went inside a remodeled house across the street, removed a bunch of items and put them in a vehicle. He told officers there was a man lying on the lawn that he had never seen before, in addition to a white van.

A panhandler wearing glasses and a hoodie was allegedly tapping on car windows of the drivers didn’t make eye contact with him.

Three people reportedly kicked in a fence. There was footage of the incident from a neighbor’s security camera.

A woman wearing a black coat and a backpack was moved along after she allegedly kept doing laps around a parking lot, randomly yelling and people and pacing.

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