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Law roundup: Shortcut leads to exchange of curse words

| May 12, 2023 12:00 AM

The Columbia Falls Police Department was stuck trying to sort out two differing versions of a confrontation that all involved agreed ended in an exchange of unpleasantries. A homeowner told officers that a kid cut through his yard and jumped onto his work trailer. When he asked the minor to get off his lawn, the youth swore at him, he said. Meanwhile, dispatchers received a call from the upset parents, who said that their 14-year-old son was cutting through a yard when the resident cursed at him and threatened to beat him up. Their son, who they admitted also cussed in the terse conversation, took the shortcut owing to busy traffic on the nearby roadway, they said.

A widow reported the theft of her deceased husband’s camper. She told investigators it went missing about a week before the Easter holiday. She also passed along potential suspects.

Officers spoke with a homeowner about several junk vehicles on their property. The landowner said one would be gone by the week’s end and agreed to cover the other vehicles up as soon as possible.

A yellow Labrador retriever mix found at an area supermarket turned out to be microchipped. Authorities reunited the canine with its owner.

Officers investigated a reported hit-and-run. Onlookers said the driver of a white Dodge backed into a red Dodge, hopped out to inspect the damage and then took off. Authorities planned to search for the offending vehicle in the coming days.

A caller phoned in a noise complaint, telling dispatchers that the neighbor was listening to a radio. The radio was later turned off.

Officers checked out a building after a caller reported hearing screaming off and on from the parking lot. Authorities heard nothing upon arrival.

A resident asked to turn in footage of a reckless driver.

A caller reported seeing an older man with long gray hair and a beard in an Army uniform carrying a rifle while walking down the street.

Officers were tasked with breaking up an argument between two women at an area business. The two apparently knew each other from when they were coworkers and had some outstanding problems to hash out. They were separated by the time police arrived and left without any additional trouble.

Investigators attempted to track down a man who stole a magazine from a local business and took off on a green dirt bike.