Sunday, May 19, 2024

Yes, the United States is a Christian nation

by John Fuller
| May 14, 2023 12:00 AM

The newest darling of the media, Missoula’s Rep. Zooey Zephyr, was recently quoted as saying that Christian nationalism represents a threat to democracy.

The representative then went on to say that the brand of Christian nationalism trying to put down roots in our state is relatively new.

I disagree. Of all the major religions of the world and throughout history, only the Judeo-Christian religion has given the United States and by extension Montana, the ingredients necessary to create the kind of government that is the product of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Only Judeo-Christian theology teaches the three principles necessary for the Republic known as America to exist. They are life, liberty and equality under the law.

Only Christianity teaches that mankind was given life as an unalienable right so that God could have a relationship with someone He created. He also gave His creation free will (the ability to choose to worship Him or not) which was His gift of liberty. And He promised that we would all be judged equally under His law, which is the foundation of our Republic’s belief in equality under the law.

Consequently, America was founded upon Christian principles, and no amount of progressive ideology or denial will change that. So, the idea that Christian nationalism has recently found a foothold in American politics is as false as the belief that a male can undergo cosmetic surgery and turn himself into a female.

Recent domestic political struggles have been characterized as part of an emerging “cultural war.” There are those that believe and say that our most pressing problems just need common-sense policy fixes that normal people support. They proclaim that we don’t need to get into the weeds of dealing with cultural issues, whatever they might be.

The big mistake in thinking the culture war isn’t the most critical issue heading into 2024 is that “all of American politics is now one big culture war.” When Democrats stake their claim to power on abortion up until birth and transgender surgery for pre-adolescent children and claims these policies as proof of its moral authority, arguing over the cost of housing and the economy is irrelevant.

Tucker Carlson in a recent speech compared the values of the political left to the values of the Aztecs, who sacrificed children to their bloodthirsty gods – and he wasn’t wrong. When the opposing political factions in this nation and state cannot agree on what men and women are, let alone what the common good might be; you can forget about tax policy or economic prosperity, much less anything like a republic or a constitutional system of government.

Our constitutional republic has survived on what some call the ABCs of political discourse in America. That stands for argue, bargain and compromise. But when the issues on the table do not lend themselves to compromise, such as this cultural war, the conflict will become a grinding war of attrition that will end with the complete destruction of one side.

There just isn’t a way to reconcile a vision of the common good espoused by the transgender and abortion-upon-demand movement, on the one hand, and orthodox Christians on the other.

The last time our nation was embroiled in a debate of such magnitude, seemingly incapable of compromise, was the debate over slavery. And we all know what happened.

Do not assume that I am advocating for the return to the 1860s as a solution to the “war” we are facing today. What I am saying is that failing to understand what the “cultural war” is all about and failing to stand firm in defending the Christian values that made possible the creation of the United State and eventually Montana, we will end up allowing by default the destruction of the greatest nation ever in the history of civilization.

Republican Sen. John Fuller represents Kalispell.