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Law roundup: Transient settles in for the night in gaga pit

| May 15, 2023 12:00 AM

A transient and their animals reportedly used a school’s gaga ball pit, an enclosed wooden structure, for their sleeping accommodations and someone requested extra patrol from Kalispell Police Department after finding garbage, vomit and animal feces.

Someone wanted to press charges against a person who allegedly dumped chewing tobacco all over their vehicle.

A woman was driving home when three teens in a silver Toyota truck reportedly drove by and yelled racial slurs at her. When she got home, the trio slowly drove by and yelled at her again. She asked officers for extra patrol in the area and to counsel the kids. She did not want to pursue charges at this time. She was advised to call back if she saw them in the area again.

The driver of a black Subaru Outback allegedly rammed the back of someone’s vehicle four times.

A man with long, shaggy hair, who was wearing a tie-dye shirt, was reportedly “huffing” an aerosol can and hitting his head on a fence outside an apartment complex and then passed out by picnic tables. Officers detained the man, but he did not have any aerosol cans on him and said he was not huffing and did not want to answer any more questions. Offices counseled the man and released him.

Young males were allegedly riding “mini bikes” often enough for someone to call the police and complain about the noise. The caller also wanted to know if the bikes were street-legal.

A disheveled older man was reportedly in an alley taking photos of houses and properties and someone told officers they spoke to him about a week ago and he seemed pleasant enough, however, when he returned a second time to take photos they thought it was weird.

Someone allegedly relayed secondhand information that a person dressed in black was lying face down in the grass outside dorms and appeared to be drunk. They asked officers to move him along if he wasn’t a student. Officers moved along the drunk man.

A man wearing an orange baseball cap, green T-shirt and gray shorts was cited for shoplifting and released.

A passerby asked officers to check on a man’s welfare when he reportedly fell twice, but he seemed to be well enough to get up and start running.

A nurse requested a welfare check for a diabetic 71-year-old patient who allegedly snuck out a backdoor with two IVs in his arm. The disoriented man was seen walking on the highway and they recalled he said something earlier about going to a store and tried calling him, but he would say he was all right and hung up. Officers located the man who seemed OK.

Two dirt bikes were reportedly speeding up and down streets and running stop signs. The person calling in the report also complained about a man driving a crew cab truck with no exhaust pipe and other vehicles parked in a location for months and trash left on the side of the road.

A person with a dog was found sleeping by mailboxes in a post office lobby. Officers made contact with sleeping transients who agreed to leave.

A man called the police regarding concerns for his boss, but a language barrier led him to hang up.