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Law roundup: Welcome mat pulled for drunk neighbor

| May 18, 2023 12:00 AM

A resident went to the Columbia Police Department for advice about a drunk neighbor who kept coming over to their house uninvited and causing issues.

Officers spoke to four youths who reportedly tipped over portable toilets and advised them to be respectful of people’s property. They got to work putting them upright.

Someone complained about a group allegedly playing roller hockey on the tennis courts in front of the high school despite a sign that stated “no rollerblades.”

A woman reportedly waited in the parking lot to show the next available officer a letter she received in the mail from a neighbor about flying a drone.

A man allegedly continued to show up at a woman’s house despite the fact that she made it clear she did not want contact with him. Officers explained how to apply for a temporary restraining order and said they perform an extra patrol as well as inform the man he wasn’t allowed to go property or make contact.

Police were made aware of Montana Highway Patrol stopping a vehicle that reportedly had stolen tin roofing in the back.

Officers counseled youths getting a snack from a gas station about the curfew.

A bus driver walking to the office was suspicious of a girl and three boys who allegedly ran from the side of the bus across the road and hid in some bushes.

A youth was allegedly suspended from school for the remainder of the year and advised he could not be on the property of the junior high school or he would be considered trespassing, but he continued to show up.