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Law roundup: Woman advised not to break window

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 22, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman reportedly voiced her desire to break a window on someone’s truck because a dog had been inside with all the windows up for about 10 to 15 minutes. Dispatch advised the very concerned woman not to take matters into her own hands. The vehicle was gone by the time Kalispell Police Department arrived.

A woman allegedly found a 2-year-old stumbling into the road and knocked on someone’s door but no one was home. An officer arrived and counseled the child’s parents who claimed they went outside to start their barbecue and the child snuck through the screen door.

A lady was messing with an employee’s bicycle and was “freaking out,” yelling and screaming.

A motorcycle allegedly swerved off the road to avoid being hit after a speeding white Jeep Grand Cherokee cut them off on U.S. 93.

A really friendly black shaggy dog wandering around an area reportedly kept going in and out of a location with automatic doors.

A person purportedly called someone about hearing and feeling an explosion in the area.

An employee wanted officers to move along a man sleeping on the side of the building and he requested an ambulance for alcohol intoxication. The man was told he could not return.

A big red work truck reportedly hit another vehicle’s side mirror, damaging it, and then took off.

Someone was suspicious of a blood trail leading to the door of a house across the street and they knocked on the door but there was no answer. What reportedly happened was that a man was closing a car door when his small dog tried to jump out and its head was caught, which officers confirmed with the vet clinic.

A man claimed he was hit by a vehicle while using a pedestrian crosswalk and was uninjured, but gave police a license plate number. An officer reviewed building video footage from City Hall that showed the intersection. The man was reportedly riding his bicycle on the sidewalk and through the crosswalk. An SUV stopped on the crosswalk but had done so before the man was close enough to be struck. The officer counseled him about city ordinances about riding bicycles on sidewalks and notified him that he must walk his bike across the crosswalk. Unhappy, he left. The officer called the vehicle owner and counseled her on making sure she came to a complete stop before entering the crosswalk. It was determined both parties were at fault but a hit-and-run had not occurred.

A woman reportedly became concerned about giving out personal information such as checking account number, username and password at the end of an online interview after she had been blocked out of her Facebook account after providing that password too. She said she hadn’t lost any money yet.