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Law roundup: Barefoot man shows up at police department in handcuffs

| May 24, 2023 12:00 AM

A man wearing handcuffs showed up in the Kalispell Police Department lobby asking for help with removing the bling. He said his friends allegedly put him in cuffs as a prank, but they both lacked a key. From a building security camera, officers noticed the man was also barefoot and his feet looked like they were painted white.

A man in his 50s reportedly parked in a spot designated for people with disabilities without any visible handicap placard or license permit, which upset a customer who waited by his vehicle until he came out. The customer told officers the entitled man said he did not want his car to get hit by other vehicles and did, “not like to walk far in the parking lot.”

An agitated woman complained about a neighbor and their guests parking in front of her house “to make her angry,” demanding an officer show up and “do something” because she had not been “shown respect” and that phone calls don’t work. Yet she also stated she understood it is not illegal for the guests to park in front of her house. Her questions were answered.

A new homeowner went to the recently purchased residence and allegedly found the backdoor open, the basement window kicked in and a damaged garage door. They weren’t sure if anything was stolen. They may have chosen the wrong neighborhood when they said it was the second time an incident like this occurred within a few weeks.

Two boys and a girl hanging out in a parking lot were reportedly yelling “bad things” at people and threatened someone who asked them to stop. The person said the unruly trio also “showed gang symbols.”

A man, who was not very responsive, was allegedly found lying on the ground by recycling bins and surrounded by cans of alcoholic beverages that he stole from the store the previous day.