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Letters to the editor May 29

| May 29, 2023 12:00 AM

Agenda 2030?

So, who are these guys anyway, the creators of the UN Agenda 2021, now Agenda 2030? Their own website uses the word “we” often but there is no real information who these people are, who they work for and under whose authority they are operating. They have very lofty sounding goals (17 of them) which have seeped and flowed into so many facets of our everyday life. But, be vigilant: lofty goals and fancy rhetoric can disguise both underlying intent and ramifications.

Even though so much of this agenda has become so prevalent in our country today, this movement and its creators are seldom publicly discussed or evaluated and I wonder why. Consider these terms commonly used today emanating from this movement: sustainability, gender equality, migration rights, climate change, equality of nations and inclusivity, just to name a few.

In addition, it has recruited and/or converted so many of our wealthy, influential business billionaires to its causes like Larry Fink (Black Rock investments), Michael Bloomberg (news), Robert Murdock, Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, among many others. They and their cohorts actively use their money, power and influence to promote, prompt, encourage and even coerce businesses and governments to bend to the ways of this new global governance agenda (i.e., ESG scoring). This includes our newspapers, television, internet, banking and educational establishments. Even our politics are filled with their proponents not the least of which is President Joe Biden and even our own Sen. Jon Tester who consistently votes for bills supporting this new philosophy.

But beware! This is a “top down” vision of governance which is diametrically opposed to “governance of and by the people.” It is global in nature which envisions “rules for the world” which can supersede individual countries laws and regulations which is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States. In addition, inside of this sweltering caldron of ideas, they foster an anti-Christian environment by promoting their own religious visions of “inclusivity, equity, tolerance and relativistic morality.”

This new movement needs to come into the open for honest discussion with us, the people of our state and our country, who alone are the guardians of our own fate. Who are these people? Where do they get their money? Does anyone control them? Where do they get their authority? How does their agenda fit within our concept of where we, the people, believe we should go? Without honest, forthright information and discussions, such dramatically new and profound visions of how our world should operate will be viewed with suspicion and distrust and rightfully so.

— Mark Agather, Kalispell