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Law roundup: Man challenges stranger to defend girlfriend’s honor

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 1, 2023 12:00 AM

A man and his girlfriend called the Kalispell Police Department after allegedly receiving disturbing texts from an unknown number where someone threatened to shoot up their house and throw pipe bombs at it. The man said his girlfriend had received multiple “vulgar sexual texts” from the phone number and he had texted back challenging the individual to a fistfight to “defend her honor.”

A woman was shocked when she went downstairs and saw a 6’2” tall man wearing dark pants and a dark coat in her home. The man went on the porch and began yelling at her husband, who went to confront him. The man was detained.

A female passenger allegedly took a swing at a male driving a vehicle that was reportedly 

swerving all over the road and going into oncoming traffic. The pair were allegedly “just playing punch buggy.”

A 2-year-old reportedly “popped” a child safety lock on a door and was found wandering in the road by a woman who returned the child to her mother who seemed angry. 

Someone calling from a church wanted to know if there was a restraining order on a man previously kicked off the property for reportedly “mooning” an individual before allowing him to “stay and enjoy the service.”

A resident allegedly offered police a parking spot in his yard to catch speeders.

A church vehicle was reported stolen.

A pumpkin was chucked at a mailbox in Kalispell, knocking it off its pole and breaking it.

A Kalispell woman called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office about a scammer pretending to be an officer when she reportedly received two threatening call from a blocked phone number where a person claiming to be a sergeant said he had her name, social security number, address, places of employment and date of birth in an attempt to get her to meet him at the Sheriff’s Office parking lot. 

A man allegedly told someone in Columbia Falls he was “on the verge of killing someone.” When he came back to the location, the person, uncomfortable with his presence, asked deputies to move him along. 

People were allegedly shooting ducks at a pond near a Kalispell resident’s home. The resident said they were shooting within 150 feet of homes and put a rope around them, which they thought might be electric.

Someone reportedly shot a security camera and hit a house in Whitefish, leaving the shell casings behind.

A brainiac who allegedly broke into a vehicle in Bigfork left behind a set of keys to a different vehicle parked in front of the location. Nothing was reported taken.

A man calling from Kalispell reportedly purchased a $250 item and wired the money in addition to sending a photo of his driver’s license.