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Law roundup: Barfly accused of enjoying booze cruises

| November 3, 2023 12:00 AM

A pair of callers, frustrated with a local man’s penchant for going on booze cruises, phoned the Columbia Falls Police Department looking for an intervention of sorts. The first said that the man arrived at an area bar already drunk and likely drove there. A second caller phoned in a little less than 20 minutes later with the stated aim of letting officers know that the same man would likely be driving drunk and he “is constantly wasted and constantly driving.” No word on whether the man was named Cliff or Norm. 

A Martha Road resident wanted to speak with someone at the Police Department about animals running around off leash and pooping in neighborhood yards. 

Police investigated a reported traffic accident occurring on Fourth Street East at the behest of the owner of the dinged vehicle. She claimed someone struck her parked Dodge Ram while she was shopping inside a nearby store, but a review of the business’ surveillance footage disproved that theory. When officers explained that to the woman, she acknowledged it could have happened the day prior in Kalispell. She was adamant she did not strike anything because of the “all of the bells and whistles” on her truck. 

Officers checked into a truck reported as suspiciously left running on the side of Diane Road. 

A security guard reported seeing a drunk man attempt to get into the driver’s seat of a vehicle. He was stopped when another man grabbed him and slammed him against the hood. The intoxicated individual appeared to pass out and his apparent assailant grabbed him and tossed him inside the vehicle before driving off. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. 

Police were summoned to Fourth Avenue for a report of a dog in a car barking and screaming. The person who alerted authorities said they thought the temperature might be too low and causing the animal distress. Officers were unable to locate the pooch. 

An officer reported seeing a bear run into the wooded area behind a house on Nucleus Avenue for a second time. 

A caller reported a possible parking violation by a Flathead County Sheriff Office’s vehicle on 12th Avenue. The law enforcement vehicle was larger than its driveway and thus ended up blocking the sidewalk. The parking dispute resurfaces every winter, the caller said. 

Officers thought a woman who initially alleged an assault but then wanted her belongings back from Browning might have been under the influence. For the latter request, they directed her to law enforcement in Browning or Glacier County Sheriff’s Office. 

A group of revelers partying around a bonfire on Ninth Street proved a nuisance for a store manager, who asked that police clear out the merrymakers. The fire was out by the time officers arrived and the merry band agreed to relocate the festivities. 

Officers attempted to track down a reckless driver swerving all over the road, hitting the curb near a local coffee shop and nearly striking a parked car. It was later found parked at a restaurant.