Saturday, December 09, 2023

Law roundup: Man released from jail welcomed back with a punch

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 5, 2023 12:00 AM

A man, who had gotten out of jail, was reportedly settling in on a couch at a friend’s house when another man he didn’t know punched him. The pair went outside and stared at each other while he called the Kalispell Police Department and told officers it all started when the other man told him he had an hour to find somewhere else to live.

Someone allegedly found a woman with blood all over her face outside their apartment with all her stuff lying around her. She insisted they call her boyfriend rather than the police and was not cooperative in answering questions.

A man seen in an alleyway allegedly had been hanging around the property for the last week and was harassing a woman and said he was going to slash her tires. The man was reportedly a known offender for assault.  

A parent told officers their son was in jail and his girlfriend was allegedly trying to get into a vehicle registered in her name, however, the son’s wife wasn’t letting her. Turns out in this love triangle, neither woman was listed on the vehicle registration and they were advised it was a civil matter.

A man using a wheelchair was reportedly in the middle of the road. A person who helped him to the side of the road asked officers to check on his welfare. 

Someone saw an abandoned stroller with a heavy blanket on it and although they didn’t think there was a child in it, they thought it was a strange enough situation to call the police. The stroller was indeed empty. 

A man allegedly hit his dog in a parking lot. The man told an officer he was “correcting” the dog for getting into the front seat of his vehicle and “was not aggressive” with her. The officer counseled him. The dog appeared healthy and not fearful.  

Power tools were reportedly stolen from a trailer parked at a construction site.

A woman wearing orange pants allegedly looked like she was trying to steal a bicycle at a hotel and an employee wanted her kicked off the property. She gathered her belongings and moved on.

A red extended cab Chevy truck with a gold-colored bed with burgundy stripes was allegedly parked at a location for four days and a woman needed a case report number to get it towed.

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