Saturday, December 09, 2023

Law roundup: Vigilante goes off half-cocked

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 8, 2023 12:00 AM

The Whitefish Police Department responded to a report of a dark blue pickup allegedly ramming a two-door car. A woman got out of the car and ran into a location. An officer made contact with the woman driving the truck who reportedly thought the car was stolen and belonged to a friend of hers. The officer counseled her about following vehicles. The driver of the car, who had a suspended driver’s license, was advised of a warrant and released in addition to getting proof of insurance and properly registering the vehicle.

Tires on a woman’s vehicle were allegedly slashed on two separate occasions while it was parked in her garage. She told authorities that she broke up with a man who still had her garage code.

A man’s ex-girlfriend reportedly said she was headed to his house to pick up her belongings, and “(expletive) up anything she can on her way out.”

A Columbia Falls resident spotted a friendly Guinea hen in their backyard and tried to contain it, thinking it was someone’s pet, but it kept running away.

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff's Office that someone siphoned gas from her and her husband’s vehicles and used a crowbar to open the hoods and drain the coolant.

A Kalispell woman allegedly suspected her husband of shoot paintballs at her vehicle and house because they were separated.

Meanwhile, in Columbia Falls an ex-boyfriend reportedly vandalized a property and was throwing a cooler around. 

A woman was allegedly smoking fentanyl in a bathroom, which stunk up a Kalispell store.

A Bigfork woman complained to deputies that neighbors were harassing her and her husband over an issue of a dog being off-leash, which led to her being ticketed by animal control.

Someone reportedly found the lock to their Kalispell storage unit had been cut and replaced with a new one. They thought it appeared that other locks had been tampered with and that someone was sleeping in one of the units.

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