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Letters to the editor Nov. 9

| November 9, 2023 12:00 AM

Supporting a traitor

I’ve lived in the area for 20-plus years and never heard a bad word about Flathead Valley Community College. And now they pollute their new events center with John Brennan. 

He is a traitor to our nation. Look to the New York Post’s May 20, 2022, front page. Brennan led the intelligence cover-up by 50 of his cronies in what is known today as the “cover-up letter” for Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

What kind of example is FVCC providing to their students and community? 

Shame on you for spending probably $25,000 to support a traitor.

— Ed Kugler, Kalispell

Zinke’s bill

Rep. Ryan Zinke’s bill bans Palestinians from entering the U.S. and would expel newly arrived Palestinians. This is the very definition of racism.

Hamas is a terrorist group and not synonymous with Palestinians. Painting a whole ethnic group as possible terrorists is beyond ignorant. Zinke’s bill provides incentive and acceptance for small-minded people to act out in dangerous ways.

History shows us how bigoted, powerful men have destroyed the lives of many people for the color of their skin, for their religion or their ethnicity. With this bill Zinke continues this unconscionable practice.

Discrimination in any form must not be tolerated in our democracy.

— Barbara Palmer, Kalispell

Ignorant legislation

To Rep. Zinke

We are embarrassed and saddened by your recently introduced legislation to bar Palestinian citizens from entering our country as well as preventing those who are here from seeking asylum. 

We are witnessing daily the bombardment of schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have been killed; thousands more are missing, likely dead or trapped under rubble. 

Palestinian citizens cannot be equated with Hamas who you claim to be protecting us from. You would not, I hope, equate fellow Montanans with Unabomber Ted Kazinsky. 

Please revoke this legislation which reeks of abject racism and humiliating ignorance.

— Frank and Linda de Kort. Kalispell

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