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Letters to the editor Nov. 12

| November 12, 2023 12:00 AM

Zinke right on his Palestine ban

We need legislators like Rep. Ryan Zinke to protect our country from a terrorist-supporting group of people like the Palestinians. They are the ones who voted for Hamas to run their country.  They are the ones who protect and supply the recruits that make up this terrorist organization.  

And you want to call Zinke (a military veteran) a racist for denying them entry to this great nation. Zinke deserves our respect and praise for his stand on this subject and not the disrespectful rhetoric put out by the haters

— James Quessenberry, Bigfork

Response to Daines

Dear Sen. Daines,

The actions of a suppressed, occupied and apartheid-ed people should not be compared to a settler colony that receives billions of U.S. dollars every year to colonize a land that was occupied by indigenous people for over a millennium prior to their establishment as a state.

As a senator who represents Montana you should be readily aware of what horrors were inflicted on the Native American population by settlers and aided by the U.S. government during the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Some, actually almost all academics, would say they still experience the impacts of those horrors to this very day. 

Surely you can see the connection between the horrors once inflicted on U.S. soil and the ones inflicted by the Israel Defense Forces daily on the Palestinian people.

To say I am disappointed with your stance would be the grossest understatement, bested only by your corrupted beliefs to bleed the Middle East of its natural resources and then blame the destabilization of the area on the inhabiting population. Your lack of humanity disgusts me to my very core.

I will be at the forefront to find and elect newer, more humane candidates to run against you in your next race.

— Dade Wendt, Kalispell

Rampant antisemitism

Even the most progressive liberals should be horrified by the rampant antisemitism on elite college campuses.  As Vice President Kamala Harris announced the Biden administration’s full-out attack on Islamophobia, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified how Jews comprised 2.4% of the population yet accounted for 60% of religious-based hate crimes in this country.  

Campus toads brainwashed by their woke professors and the screaming zealots in the streets of major U.S. cities remind me of the dark times in Germany prior to World War II when rampant antisemitism was ignored until 6 million Jews were massacred by Hitler’s Nazis. As with Germany, more than a tiny fraction of the 1.5 billion Muslims are active participants, vocal supporters or silent facilitators of this latest attempt at Jewish genocide.  

Hopefully, the withdrawal of millions of dollars of college support, of jobs at large Jewish based law firms and of Jewish donations and votes to Democrats will stem this tide of tacit approval of antisemitism on campuses, in business and in the halls of Congress.    

Israel needs to continue its quest to exterminate Hamas terrorists from their neighborhood, ignoring calls for “a pause” from the Biden administration, the antisemitic “squad” and the largely antisemitic United Nations. A pause would only allow Hamas to strengthen their defenses, causing more Israeli casualties and allowing more time for them to torture and rape hostages.  

Hamas will use both hostages and civilians as shields.  Israel does not target civilians.

Iran is the funding source for Islamic terrorism. If the Biden administration would reinstitute sanctions, cutting off Iran’s oil revenue and stop sending them billions of dollars that the previous administration froze, their proxy terrorists would not have the funds to attack a country that merely seeks peaceful survival.

Israel has never attacked its neighbors without provocation. Only fools and liars say otherwise. 

— David Myerowitz, Columbia Falls

Inspired by quilters

Just wanted to send kudos and thanks to the talented ladies of the Columbia Falls Quilt Show. It was in the Hilltop Church’s quonset hut on U.S. 93. I went there for inspiration and found it! Those ladies are really talented and do beautiful work.

— Libby Starks, Kalispell