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Law roundup: Man banned for stealing sandwich fixings

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 14, 2023 12:00 AM

An employee reportedly ran after a man who reportedly stole lunch meat and cheese from a store. After a short pursuit, the man asked the employee not to call the Kalispell Police Department because he “didn’t want to go back to prison.” The man was given a one-year ban from the store.

A man complained about elbow pain after being pinned to the ground by employees when he allegedly tried to walk out of the store with a shopping cart of stolen merchandise and resisted being held in their custody.

Someone reportedly recorded a man beating a child and reported the incident the next day. The man was walking to a vehicle that came up in police files as being owned by a registered violent offender.

An intoxicated man driving a tan Chevy truck allegedly got stuck in a park that had to be towed. The jail was notified.

A man reported his silver collection was missing and alleged that it was stolen by a homeless woman that he let stay with him although he didn’t know when the alleged theft might have occurred.

A woman wearing a black bandana over her face reportedly tried to steal several hundred dollars worth of merchandise and the location wanted her cited for trespassing.

Trash was reportedly being dumped in a motel parking lot by someone in a camper trailer.

Graffiti was found on the side of a building. Officers said it could be removed easily.

People went into a motor home allegedly parked at a location for a week. An officer advised a man of his warrants and to move the motor home.

A man decided not to get out of his car until he called the police after reportedly seeing three vehicles pull into the parking lot and do an exchange with another vehicle thinking they were drug deals.