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Law roundup: Man calls 911 to say goodnight

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 15, 2023 12:00 AM

A man, who sounded very drunk, dialed 911 to say “goodnight” and hung up. On a callback he said he didn’t have an emergency, he just wanted to talk to someone.

A dog’s ashes were reportedly stolen from a woman’s house and she told the Columbia Falls Police Department that someone left a hat behind.

A man allegedly vandalized his ex’s vehicle, hit her multiple times and strangled her.

Someone reportedly found an unsupervised toddler walking around outside in pajamas. The child’s father told officers the child climbed out a window while he was in the bathroom. 

A woman called with concerns about people who appeared to be a deputy sheriff and a city police officer pulling her over for expired tags. She allegedly said there was “something off with the situation,” and wanted to “know if anything else was going on.” She said they didn’t give her a ticket but asked for her phone number and looked into the windows of her vehicle, which was also occupied by her children.

An employee asked officers to check on the welfare of a man with slurred speech who was reportedly sitting in a bathroom stall with the door open and “seemed out of it” when he came out.

A woman allegedly found a container of methamphetamine in her driveway and went to the police department wanting to give it to an officer.

An officer reportedly stopped to check a vehicle containing items of value that had its trunk wide open. The officer didn’t see signs of forced entry and secured the vehicle.