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Law roundup: Angry customer breaks glass

| November 16, 2023 12:00 AM

An angry customer reportedly trying to start a fight threw a pint glass through a window and a person at a glass liquor display.

The Whitefish Police Department responded to someone’s claim that there were 100 cats, including multiple dead cats, in a home. An officer saw one cat that was alive and no dead cats.

A man watching a movie in his home allegedly saw a light turn on upstairs and was concerned a stranger was inside the home. He and his wife hid out in a truck and called the police. Officers cleared the building and everything was OK.

A bartender called the police to report a possibly intoxicated man, who was yelling at them and acting disorderly when he left the bar.

A woman walking her dog allegedly wandered upon a transient camp and told officers there was a red tent that appeared to have been taken down, a backpack and water bottles on the ground. Officers found trash but no evidence of a recent camp.

Someone had questions about panhandling after reportedly seeing a man with a sign.

A customer reportedly paid for vehicle services with two checks totaling $1,000 that bounced on the same day. 

A white Jeep Sahara was allegedly driving all over the road and changing speeds.

A sleeping woman hit her phone and accidentally dialed 911.