Thursday, December 07, 2023

Law roundup: Sleeping motorist didn’t see that coming

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 17, 2023 12:00 AM

Taking the adage “sleep with one eye open” to heart earned a motorist a police response. A passerby summoned officers with the Kalispell Police Department to the vehicle, telling dispatchers that they had walked by a dirty tan car with a man either passed out or dead inside. The passerby described the motorist as open-eyed and slumped over. Officers determined the man was just sleeping with his eyes open. He was otherwise fine. 

Unable to track down his jailed wife’s vehicle, a man phoned police looking for help in tracking down the seemingly stolen set of wheels. Officers touched base with the man about an hour later and learned that the vehicle wasn’t stolen, his wife had just loaned it out to friends after her arrest.

Animal control officers counseled a dog owner against letting his pet run around free after following an unsupervised male dog home.

Sick of seeing a guy living out of his vehicle parked nearby, a caretaker asked the police to move him along. The caretaker told dispatchers he already confronted the twentysomething about leaving and the man claimed to have car troubles, but he appeared to have accumulated quite a bit of trash during his stay. Officers located the man and gave him a warning. They also instructed him to remove the fictitious plates he had mounted on his vehicle. 

Suspicious of a trio of men sitting in a vehicle watching a warehouse, an employee asked that officers intervene. The group departed before the police arrived. 

An employee of another business reported seeing a suspicious woman walking up and down the street. The woman appeared to be scoping out homes. Officers were unable to locate her. 

Receiving an unexpected hotel booking confirmation via email, a woman told authorities she suspected her identity had been stolen. 

A motorist asked officers to respond to a park after one of a group of men hanging out there tried to open their vehicle’s door. The motorist wanted the men moved along. 

Concerned about a friend’s return to the bottle, an individual requested that officers check in on him at a local hotel. The friend had recently been hospitalized for alcohol withdrawal, but was now supposedly drinking in the hotel. A check of the room where the man was staying revealed it to be vacant. 

Suspecting he was being followed, a motorist asked the police for help with the black pickup truck that was tailing him through town. The truck veered off shortly after the motorist phoned 911. 

Officers responded to a report of several large trash bags containing leaves left in the center of a road. 

Authorities stickered a vehicle after a passerby walked up to officers with a parking complaint. 

Officers investigated a report of suspicious activity involving a vehicle two men were stripping down in a parking lot. The pair allegedly said they planned on having it towed, but the passerby still found it suspicious. Officers agreed after finding the vehicle left resting on tires placed underneath its axles, but the vehicle did not return as stolen. 

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