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Law roundup: Man scares people with rasp

| November 20, 2023 12:00 AM

A man wearing a white sheet over his head and camo pants was allegedly carrying a knife while walking eastbound on Idaho Street. A Kalispell Police Department officer spoke to the man who was carrying a metal rasp, not a knife. The man said he was “blessing people.” The officer told the man to bless people without the rasp in his hand. He apologized, put it away, and said he would avoid scaring people while working later that night.

A woman involved in a civil case with another woman reportedly showed up at her house and “forced” her to sign a piece of paper. She then allegedly went to her husband’s job and chased him around the location until he also signed it. An officer advised her to seek legal counsel and apply for a temporary restraining order.

A woman allegedly asked employees to speak to the manager about another employee who tried to talk to her, ask additional questions, and take her credit card. They said the man was the manager, so she decided to call the police to alleged harassment.

A man carrying several bags and accompanied by a leashed dog allegedly stole a student’s bicycle. 

A parent was reportedly punched in the face by their son who they were bringing to the police station to talk to an officer about his drinking, skipping school and acting up. While looking for a place to pull over, he reportedly jumped out of the vehicle and took off.

Someone calling on behalf of their mother reportedly said she sent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to scammers around the country including to a Kalispell address and received a letter from the FBI telling her to contact KPD.

Officers received three complaints about a line of vehicles from Glenwood to Two Mile Drive that were headed to the food bank. One person complained about parked cars causing other vehicles to “have to make really wide turns.” The parked cars were all found to be legally parked and left plenty of room for through traffic. 

Another person complained about people cutting others off. A third caller alleged that people were in the road trying to direct traffic, which she said was still causing a big hazard. The people directing traffic were food bank employees and they were on the side of the road police said. She also reportedly saw a vehicle get rear-ended. 

During an alleged road rage incident, a man got out of a Chevy Silverado and began pounding on the window of another vehicle on Meridian. 

Officers provided extra patrol at a location where a man found sleeping at one of the entrances reportedly kept returning. When he was finally ticketed for trespassing he wanted to lodge a complaint and a “harassment charge” against police for “bothering him.” He was advised to file the complaint at the police department.

Someone reportedly saw a woman walking away from a red SUV that had a toddler inside unattended.